As a campaign that turns down corporate donations and pushes for real change, we rely on people giving their time and money to sustain building a movement for the long term.

As working people experiencing skyrocketing rents, high childcare costs, and job precarity, we know that we cannot afford the status quo. With union-busting, revamped racism, and planetary climate change raising the stakes for all of us, we are pushing for real action now by knocking on doors, talking to our neighbors, and getting real representation into city government. Expanding workers' rights, fighting for sanctuary for all, municipalizing some services like city-funded childcare and tenant-managed housing, and a Bellingham Green New Deal, are real possibilities if we build power through this campaign.

When buying campaign literature, supporting volunteers, and reaching thousands of our neighbors, every dollar counts. Any financial support that is meaningful and actionable for you is what makes our growing cohort of volunteers able to compete on the streets.

Let's Build a Better Bellingham Together

If the above form is incompatible with your device, follow this link to donate https://secure.anedot.com/suarez-for-city-council/donate 

Thank you for supporting this movement!

Email: suarezforcitycouncil@gmail.com


Mail: PO Box 5925 Bellingham, WA 98227-5925

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