Our city agenda would prioritize creating policies, services, and infrastructure that put people first. This means housing for all, a Bellingham Green New Deal, strengthened workers' rights, the municipalization of services, and sanctuary for all. Together we can build a better future for Bellingham that is beautiful, just, and livable for everyone.

Housing For All

  • Build 3,500 units of city-owned, tenant operated social housing for all - not just the poorest in our community by utilizing new progressive revenue sources and bonding against existing revenue sources, like the Bellingham Home Fund, HB 1406 funding, and REET II funding

  • Push for a progressive property tax system that removes the tax burden from the working class through available municipal policy tools and by pressuring state legislators

  • Triple the amount of city-owned and operated sheltering capacity for unhoused neighbors

  • End landlord discrimination against nonviolent, previously incarcerated neighbors

  • Expand tenants' rights and protections, including just cause eviction regulations and tenant relocation funding

  • Use the city council position to pressure state legislators to repeal the ban on rent control

  • Up-zone to increase density and prevent sprawl

  • Focus Bellingham Home Fund resources towards preserving low-rent market rental units in neighborhoods with the highest risk of displacement

Bellingham Green New Deal

  • Implement the Climate Action Task Force’s recommendations to make Bellingham run on 100% clean energy. Fund this project only through taxing the worst polluters in our city—big box stores

  • Create segregated bike lanes

  • Make public transit free at the point of service

  • Require new multi-family and commercial development to install solar panels or have free rooftop parks

  • Invest in renewable energy projects

  • Ban the use of pollutants around Lake Whatcom and other community watersheds

  • Create dense, environmentally friendly social housing

Workers’ Rights

  • Establish municipal funding and other support for worker-owned co-ops

  • Form a task force to support victims of wage theft and discrimination and develop new workers' rights and protections

  • Institute a citywide $15 minimum wage in 2020 with regularly planned increases

  • Workforce Retention policies

  • Require Project Labor Agreements for all city building contracts

  • Set Apprenticeship utilization requirements for all city building contracts

  • Prioritize union agencies for all city business

Sanctuary For All

  • Strengthen Bellingham’s Sanctuary City status to protect residents from ICE by 100% implementation of C2C’s and La Resistencia’s policies

  • Implement 100% of BLM and the RJC’s recommendations regarding law enforcement protections

  • Urge the state legislature to pass comprehensive sex education and 

  • Services, not Sweeps. Allow unhoused people the freedom to survive outside

  • Expand protections for the LGBTQ community including rights to homeless shelters

  • Create safe consumption sites and rehabilitation programs to help those suffering under the War on Drugs

  • Decriminalize sex work

  • Work across relevant jurisdictions to end law enforcement involvement in evictions

Municipalization of Services

  • Establish municipally funded childcare

  • Invest in public internet

  • Establish a public hospital to ensure all residents have access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare and gender identity affirming care that is accountable to residents

  • Build community centers with public meeting spaces

  • End Puget Sound Energy’s monopoly on Bellingham’s electricity, build a green municipal electricity option

  • Create a public banking option

How do we pay for it? Tax the rich!

  • Work to end flat taxes, stop over-taxation of the working and poor - labor creates all wealth

  • Use position on city council to pressure state legislators to overhaul Washington’s regressive tax code: replace flat taxes with a progressive state income tax

  • Pass a capital gains tax on the state level

  • Challenge legal precedents barring progressive property taxes

  • Tax luxury items like yachts, golf courses, and marinas

  • Vacant Home tax

  • Short term rental tax

  • Tax on non-primary houses

  • Create progressive water tax

  • Tax big businesses

  • Use a line of credit created through public banking option



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